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Developing Artists


 ADVANCE 2 is the second round of Rough Magic’s pioneering  development initiative designed to give established artists the  opportunity to expand their knowledge and broaden their artistic  horizons through a structured programme. 


 ADVANCE 2 is designed for theatre artists over the age of 35 who  have worked at a professional level for at least ten years.  The  programme is tailored to the needs of the individual participants and is particularly designed to support the freelance artist.  The commitment is part-time and the programme is designed to take into account work commitments of the participants.


An eighteen-month programme, the current cycle runs from January 2013 – June 2014 and the participants are: producer Muireann Ahern, actor Olwen Fouéré, writer/performer Sonya Kelly and musician/composer Seán Mac Erlaine. 


The ADVANCE programme was piloted in 2011 – 2012, during which the participants were composer Denis Clohessy, director Annabelle Comyn, actor Peter Daly and production manager Rob Furey.


ADVANCE 2 participants receive an individually tailored cycle of conversations and meetings with outstanding Irish and international theatre-makers.  Subject to funding, the programme can also include a number of international visits to see shows and meet the individuals and companies behind the work, some of which may run in tandem with the SEEDS international research trips.  Other activities may include attendance at conferences and workshops focused on specific skills.  Participants are also encouraged to use the office facilities of Rough Magic and to interact with its activities and other members of the company.


“The ADVANCE programme has been one of the most professionally rewarding experiences of my career so far. To have the opportunity to meet with carefully selected theatre practitioners of such calibre and to discuss with them the nature of the business, what makes them tick and most importantly, what keeps them inspired, has been invaluable.

Peter Daly


“There is a kind of honorary association which helps gain access to people and places.  I am also very grateful for the support given towards my work and look forward to making use of the Rough Magic rehearsal space in July for my own project.”

Denis Clohessy


“The experience of seeing work in the context of its differences from theatre practice in Ireland was extremely useful, as was the chance to engage with other participants. It has certainly changed the way I approach my job, and how I think it could potentially develop.”

Rob Furey


The ADVANCE programme gave me a unique chance to view my profession objectively, and time to consider the art form away from the coalface of rehearsal. I really feel I got so much out of it. We were lucky indeed!”

Annabelle Comyn


For further information on the ADVANCE programme, please contact Clare Robertson, Producer/Artist Development: 01 671 9278 or