About Us

Since its foundation in 1984 Rough Magic has built an organisation characterised by continual regeneration. Its adherence to artistic excellence, pluralism, and an egalitarian approach to the creative ensemble, has delivered over 130 productions and over 60 Irish premieres, the debuts of many theatre-makers, and the pioneering SEEDS programme.

The company has evolved around the principle that we are part of a world culture that can celebrate Irish identity diverse in nature and outward looking in its vision. Our policy has three strands: commissioning new Irish work, presenting the best of contemporary international writing and innovative productions from the classical repertoire. These shows frequently feature live music commissioned for the production. Based in Dublin, Rough Magic regularly performs at Project Arts Centre and other major venues, and tours in Ireland, the UK and beyond, garnering many awards, both at home and abroad.

Launched in 2001, and an acknowledged leader of professional development in Irish theatre, the SEEDS programme become an engine for the support and advancement of a new generation. Twenty years after founding SEEDS, the company will launch COMPASS in 2021, folding play development and support for emerging theatre artists into the company’s core programming. COMPASS will commission new writing as well as providing practical assistance, mentoring and sharing of resources.

Rough Magic is connected across the full spectrum of theatre activity, experience and creative practice. With each project we undertake, the aim is firstly to make great theatre, but also to advance and contribute to the cultural life of Ireland. Rough Magic believes that a strong theatre sector is necessary for our growth as a modern democracy. We will continue to put the artist at the centre of our production and development strategies; to strengthen our position as a national company which responds to the needs of all parts of the island; and to form supportive partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our sense of the value of art in general, and theatre in particular, in offering a new vision for the nation.


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