Code of Governance


Rough Magic’s policy is to comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and to adhere to best business practice in all its operations. The organisation is committed to the implementation of good governance and our Governance Subcommittee has commenced the journey to meet the regulatory requirements of the Code of Governance. Rough Magic is committed to compliance with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising developed by the Irish Charities Tax Reform Group (ICTR). Rough Magic observes the Irish Theatre Institute’s Dignity in the Workplace: A Code of Behaviour for Irish Theatre.

Senior Staff Remuneration

In complying with The Arts Council’s guidelines, Rough Magic can confirm that no staff member earns a salary over €40,000.

Articles and Memorandum of Understanding

The organisation operates in accordance with its Memorandum of Articles and Association. These are currently being revised by Rough Magic’s Governance Subcommittee and will soon be published on our website.

Financial Records

Rough Magic keeps detailed and up to date financial records and is transparent in its audited financial statements. The most recent statement of the audited accounts  (1 January 2019 – 31 December 2019) prepared by our auditors Byrne Moreau Connell is available to view here: Rough Magic CLG 2019 Accounts

List of Members

Rough Magic’s membership comprises current Board members and the following founder members from the company formation in 1987: Siobhán Bourke, Anne Byrne, Declan Hughes, Hélène Montague, Arthur Riordan, Stanley Townsend, Lynne Parker.

Gender Equality Policy

Our Gender Equality Policy outlines the company’s commitments to gender equality. The policy contains figures outlining the gender-balance of Rough Magic productions’ creative and technical teams, staff members, and board members since 2016.

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