Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play

In the not too distant future a nuclear fallout has decimated modern America. A group of survivors band together in an attempt to hold on to what shred of normality they have left, in the only way they know how … by retelling the “Cape Feare” episode of The Simpsons.

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World Premiere

Antarctica. A polar research station. Boylan, an Irish scientist of the old school, is studying something hidden deep in the ice sheet. A young, ambitious, cock-sure assistant arrives, but they have more to contend with than each other.

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How to Keep an Alien

How to Keep an Alien is a funny and tender autobiographical tale in which Irish Sonya and Australian Kate meet and fall in love, but Kate’s visa is up and she must leave the country. Together they must find a way to prove to the Department of Immigation that they have the right to live together in Ireland.

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The Train

World Premiere.

Determined to challenge the restrictive laws of the Irish State, a group of 47 trailblazing women take a train to Belfast and return to Dublin with forbidden contraceptives.

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The Effect

Connie and Tristan have chemistry. Their pulses charge, their pupils dilate, their hearts race. But, as volunteers on a drugs trial for a new antidepressant, is their attraction real or merely a side effect?

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Northern Star

August 1798: charismatic rebel Henry Joy McCracken is on the run and asking himself how it all happened.

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