Children of the Sun

By Hilary Fannin after Gorky


Children of the Sun is a gloriously explosive exploration of time, “the most valuable commodity on earth”, by Hilary Fannin, whose work “sears itself on the brain” (The Irish Times). 

A wealthy family in their beautiful but rundown estate distract and entertain themselves with neighbours, servants and friends. We meet a scientist, an artist, a wealthy widow, a vet – each at a moment of crisis. As one says, “life is a geographical Russian roulette,” and their world is being reshaped by unstoppable forces. 

In this contemporary exploration of time, is there a version of our lives where we made all the right decisions, and a different “us” could exist somewhere? 

Can our collective belief in science, God or art, help or hinder us?  

“We are Children of the Sun, set sail to eternity in a ship of dreams…”

 Developed in association with the Theatre Royal Waterford.

13th April – 11th May 2024.

Tickets are on sale now at this link!

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