Children of the Sun

By Hilary Fannin after Gorky


Celebrating Rough Magic’s 40th anniversary, Hilary Fannin’s radical adaptation of Maxim Gorky’s classic 1905 dark comedy reworks the original text and draws it into the here and now.

Children of the Sun is the story of how a small family, their collection of friends and one eccentric stranger distract, entertain and enrage each other at a moment of crisis. Meanwhile, unseen beyond their fragile walls, their world is being reshaped by unstoppable forces.

We are all living through a period of huge change. This play offers reflections of ourselves in its characters and to consider if our collective belief in science, God or art, can help or hinder us. It is a play about how we survive without the benefit of hindsight, about how we try to stay afloat in a world saturated in uncertainty.

Developed in association with the Theatre Royal Waterford

13th April – 11th May 2024.

Tickets are on sale now at this link!

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