By Michael Frayn


In the autumn of 1941, at a critical point in the second world war, German physicist Werner Heisenberg paid a strange visit to his Danish counterpart, Niels Bohr. To this day, speculation has raged over precisely what they discussed. For these two former friends were among a handful of scientists around the globe who could unlock the secret of nuclear warfare.

In probing the mystery of this meeting, Michael Frayn has created an extraordinary play – gripping, haunting, exhilarating and moving – which asks how we can ever know why we do what we do.

Rough Magic presents the Irish première of Michael Frayn’s multiple award-winning play, Copenhagen.

This production was awarded the following:

2002 ITITA Best Production

2002 ITITA Best Set Design – John Comiskey

2002 ITITA Nomination: Best Director – Lynne Parker

2002 ITITA Nomination: Best Actor – Declan Conlon

2002 ITITA Nomination: Best Actor – Owen Roe

2002 ITITA Nomination: Best Actress – Ingrid Craigie

2002 ITITA Nomination: Best Lighting Design – John Comiskey

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