Famished Castle

By Hillary Fannin


An accidental meeting in a snow-locked airport reunites former lovers Angie and Nathaniel. Ten years have passed since their parting. In that time Angie has remained in Ireland, marrying and having children, staying faithful to her profession as a teacher. Nathaniel, meanwhile, has patched together a life in Berlin, where he currently lives with his girlfriend, a young economist.

The intervening decade has also seen Ireland wake up to the crucifying hangover of the tiger economy. As the country counts the empties from the days of plenty, both financial and emotional, Angie and Nathaniel retrace the actions and inactions that led to the sudden death of their love affair.

Illuminated by the unflinching light of snow, the couple revisit a festive night ten years before, a birthday dinner with his parents, when with corks popping and cuff links glittering, the family’s ravaged past pulled up a seat at the table, destroying their future.

Rough Magic presented the world premiere of Famished Castle in the Theatre Royal, Waterford then the Project Arts Centre, Dublin 2015.

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