Take Me Away

By Take Me Away

2004 and 2005

“And she wasn’t a very loving mother. I mean she never made rice krispie buns – do you know what I mean?”

Eddie and his sons work nights. Bren (the love child) surfs the net alone. Andy (planned) can’t confirm the whereabouts of his girlfriend and son. Kev (the mistake) isn’t throwing his money around like the IT whizzkid they take him for. A duty visit to their mother requires them to act like model siblings; but confusion around her illness, which hospital she is in, and references to her mysterious good news become the fuel for this dark comedy of a disintegrating family.


Rough Magic produced this play as part of the SEEDS Programme, opening in 2004 at the Project Arts Centre alongside Wise Words of Advice for Young People by Ionna Anderson, before being put on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004 and the Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele (Castle Festival) in 2005.


This production was awarded the following:

2004 Stewart Parker Trust Award: Major Bursary – Gerald Murphy

2004 ITITA Nomination: Best Supporting Actor – Vincent McCabe

2004 Scotsman Fringe First Awards Winner

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