The House Keeper

By Morna Regan



Written by Irish playwright Morna Regan, author of the award winning Midden, this darkly humorous drama explores the nature of possession, entitlement and inheritance.

A young woman at the end of her tether is faced with homelessness when she loses her job and the bank threatens to repossess her home.

Desperate, she breaks into the house of a wealthy woman, but before long she realises that she has disturbed a hornet’s nest of unimagined proportions.

The world premiere of this psychological thriller was presented by Rough Magic in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin from 19th April – 12th May 2012.

This production was awarded the following:

Nomination: 2012 ITITA Best Actress- Cathy Belton

Nomination: 2012 ITITA Best New Play- Morna Regan

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