By Fionn Foley


World Premiere.

It’s the year 2047 and the end is truly nigh, following a major tiff amongst the world’s superpowers. That is, until a miracle tonic is discovered – Halcyon – which promises to restore the mind and body to how they were during the good old days of the 2020s.

Charged with spreading the good news, the amazing Calibri Triplet Family Band embark on their most challenging touring schedules to date. Using only their charm, their music and notoriety they will show their adoring audiences how to take the doom out of their doomsday.

Over the course of an exhilarating trademark Calibri Family performance, you are invited to do what any reasonable person would do in the face of catastrophe and place your life in the hands of a three-piece folk band. Their message is simple- everyone must drink the tonic for it to be effective. There can be no exceptions.

Tonic is a spectacular new medicine show infused with a wild, genre-spanning live score and staged with dystopian panache. It’s the show that has everything you need to get over a life-altering cataclysm.

Join the Calibri Triplet Family Band for the ‘first gig after the apocalypse’. Your survival depends on it.

In association with Solstice Arts Centre. Funded by the Arts Council.

Running as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival 8th-11th August 

Tickets on sale now

Running as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 11th, 13th – 19th September

Tickets on sale now 

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