ROUGH IDEAS is an open call for ideas from writers and theatre artists who are interested in making work with Rough Magic.

The current Rough Ideas Artists are: Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng, Colin Campbell, Peter Daly, Iseult Deane, Pea Dinneen, Fionntán Larney, Eleanor Methven and Ankur Vikal. Read about their ideas here.

Applications are currently closed.


Six artists will be awarded €1,000 each to attend a series of meetings with the company’s creative team including the Artistic Director and Literary Manager. After 6 months the selected artists will be invited to submit a treatment, or a draft if they wish, of their proposal.

Ideas that have the potential to reach production with Rough Magic will be selected for commission; where viable, the remaining will be encouraged and supported by the company in applying for Arts Council Project Funding or other funding sources.

The bursary will have no conditions other than the request for an outline treatment or draft at the end of six months, and this arrangement can be flexible.

There are no stipulations as to scale, form or subject matter, although Rough Magic is better able to support text-based work. An understanding of Rough Magic, its ethos and history, and a comprehension of the principal of ensemble is to be expected and will strengthen the application.

This strand of COMPASS is aimed at artists and ideas from across the spectrum of experience, emerging and established.

Rough Magic would like to encourage applications that are representative of Ireland’s theatre artists in all their diversity – including but not limited to: people across the socio-economic spectrum, people of colour, members of the Traveller Community, people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ people.



I don’t live in Ireland, can I still apply?

ROUGH IDEAS is open to writers and artists across the island of Ireland, as well as Irish nationals based elsewhere in the world.

I’m in a full time third-level education programme, can I still apply?

Due to the nature of the placements and commitments in COMPASS, those in full time education would, unfortunately, not be suitable. However, those who are in Masters or part-time 3rd Level education would be considered eligible.

Do I need to working full-time in the Arts to apply for ROUGH IDEAS?

No you don’t! We welcome artists from all experience levels to apply for ROUGH IDEAS. In your CV/bio, we are interested to hear about your past projects and passion projects, even if they were not on a professional level.

Can I apply with a co-writer / co-developer for ROUGH IDEAS?

Yes you can! Please note, however, that if you do apply as a duo you will still only take 1 of the 6 available places, and resources will be allocated as such.

I have a pre-existing written piece that I would like to adapt for the stage, or a completed script, can I apply?

Yes you can! At the first round of applications a full script will not be considered, so a summary of the idea is what you should send as part of your application.

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