Solar Bones – “Riveting Theatre”

Solar Bones – “Riveting Theatre”

Working with our brilliant partners at Kilkenny Arts Festival, we were thrilled to bring live performances to audiences at the Watergate Theatre this August with our world premiere of Solar Bones.

Based on the award-winning novel by Mike McCormack, Solar Bones was adapted by Michael West, directed by Lynne Parker and starred the fantastic Stanley Townsend as Marcus Conway. Along with designers Zia Begin-Holly, Denis Clohessy and Kathy Strachan and a dynamic production team led by Gary Maguire, the Solar Bones company overcame all obstacles to bring this remarkable and moving story to the stage.

New COVID regulations meant social distancing in the rehearsal room, remote meetings and taking more time in our production schedules to ensure the safety of our technical and creative teams. Aware that for many of our audience this would be their first time in an auditorium since lockdown began, the Watergate Theatre staff went above and beyond to make it a comfortable and safe experience for those who came to see the show.

We are so glad to have been able to make live theatre again during these strange times, and will continue our endeavour to make COVID-aware productions for our audiences to enjoy.

Reviews for Solar Bones:

“Award-winning novel packs a punch on the stage……the result is riveting theatre” Emer O’Kelly – Sunday Independent

“McCormack’s single sentence novel depicting the inner life of an engineer in Louisburg, Co Mayo is crafted for stage by writer Michael West and director Lynne Parker with profundity and nuance” Deirdre Falvey – The Irish Times

“Stanley Townsend summons a profound ordinariness to embody this noble everyman. Lynne Parker directs this world premiere for Rough Magic and Kilkenny Arts Festival. Her touch is sure-handed and subtle, skilfully coating the profundities of the material with simplicity.” Katy Hayes – The Independent

“★★★★…spellbinding and compelling” Sara Keating  – Sunday Business Post

“★★★★ …reminds you why you love theatre” Fiona Charleton – Sunday Times




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